If you have ever googled Feng Shui then you’ve probably come across the confusing colour charts, life areas, and a whole lot of instructions about the setup of an entire family home. But what if you’re a millennial living at home or with roommates? You might not have control over the entire space but what you do have control over is your space, your bedroom. What is feng shui anyway? It is the ancient Chinese art of placement and its goal is to enhance the flow of spiritual energy and bring harmony into all areas of our life. Areas like health, wealth, relationships and careers can all be improved with the right feng shui. It is basically a design and decorating discipline that is based on the belief that our surroundings affect us. I don’t think anyone would argue that you feel better (lighter even) when you finally get around to cleaning your bedroom, feng shui shows us there are energetic reasons for that. If you want to take it a step further and really optimize your space, follow these simple tips.

Easy ways to feng shui your bedroom.



Use Calmer Colours

Colours impact our psychology and physiology so the best colours for your bedroom according to feng shui experts are warmer earth and skin tones. Also soft blues, greens and lavenders create a sense of calm, inviting healing energy into your bedroom. Pinks and reds are the colours of romance so using them in the bedroom can enhance romance in our relationships, but keep them as accent colours because too much red and orange for example can be way too stimulating.



Bed Position

The position of your bed in relation to the door is wildly important. Your bed should be as far away from the door as possible (never on the same wall as the door) but still in a position where you can see who is entering the room. This is called the ‘Commanding Position’ of your room and when placing your bed here it helps you to feel calmer, stronger and in charge. Also if you are single and hoping to find that special someone, decorating your bedroom for one could keep you stuck in that single energy. Instead, decorate with two bedside tables (one on each side), two lamps, and choose artwork that depicts love and unity, not say, a picture of a single rose which depicts solitude. Get the symbolism? Because your subconscious does.



Work in the Bedroom

Not all of us are able to have a separate office (which is ideal feng shui), especially if you’re still in school or living with friends and family. If you have a desk in your bedroom it is best to find a way to section it off from the rest of your room. A curtain, folding screen or nice piece of linen will do just fine. Your desk should also be facing the door, if your desk is unable to face the door, place a small mirror on your desk so that you can see the front door. This small detail helps you to encounter more opportunities and go further in your field. Another tip for electronics in the bedroom is for your tv, I know it’s probably in your bedroom (a feng shui no-no), so if it is make sure you drape a nice piece of linen over it while not in use. The reason being these electronics in the bedroom can drain the energy you are working so hard to create, not only that but they are a distraction from what you are meant to focus on while in your bedroom. Yourself and your relationships.


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Clear the clutter

This one is more obvious, clutter stops energy flow. Clutter is a reflection of what is going on in your head. Clear the clutter! Having minimal furniture pieces where things can pile up is a good way to start. Don’t think about shoving it under your bed either, because that cluttered energy under there can disrupt your sleep.



Lighting your space

There should be 3 different types of lighting in your bedroom throughout the day. Natural light in the morning, dimmed lights in the evening and complete darkness at night. This is the most natural light pattern for our bodies and it helps us transition into a peaceful sleep. I use twinkly lights from IKEA to take me from day into evening.



Shut out the world

When you are done for the day and ready to sleep, make sure both your bedroom and closet doors are closed. This is so positive energies stay in and negative energies stay out while you sleep giving you a sense of calm and safety.

You will find a lot of detailed articles online about feng shui and it can get a bit overwhelming, these are easy tips that can get your started on your way to some good vibes today. Try integrating one of these things at a time and see how much better you feel!

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