What sets you apart from that ultra calm and confident girl down the hall could come down to what scent you’re wearing. A lot of people are choosing to wear essential oils over basic perfumes, and if you struggle with anxiety, jealousy or insecurity you may want to consider it too. Lot’s of people love the smell of grapefruit but not very many people know that wearing grapefruit essential oil can help you feel more confident, or that juniper berry essential oil is one of two dozen essential oils that are known to help calm anxiety. Even cinnamon, a scent most people love, can help diffuse feelings of jealousy when worn as an essential oil. Basically it allows for a little more ‘doing you’ and a little less facestalking your ex.

How does it work? It’s pretty cool, it starts with a compound found in many essential oils that can bypass this well protected layer of high density cells we have in our head called the blood brain barrier. When inhaled, natural aromatic compounds enter directly to the limbic centre of the brain, a place that helps to relay and respond to emotion. Using pure essential oils has significant benefits on mood as it alters the chemical messages being relayed within the limbic system.

Now if I told you that wearing cedarwood or arborvitae essential oil could help with your social anxiety you may be optimistic (after wondering what the hell arborvitae is), but the truth is good quality pure essential oils aren’t always easy to find. Trekking across the city to find an “alternative health” store just to see that they only offer 10 different oils, none of which you need, may be more discouraging than it’s worth. Well, having dealt with that myself I’m thankful to have finally hooked up with an online company that specializes in aromatherapy as a medical treatment. And no I won’t leave you guys hanging. It’s doTERRA.

If this is all new to you I recommend doing what I did and start with the Petal Diffuser (for when I’m at home and don’t want to wear the oils, or I need an extra boost.)


With that I used the Emotional Aromatherapy System which comes with 6 pre-made oil blends for specific needs ranging from a positive attitude, to courage, to creativity.


When using essential oils in place of perfume, single beautifully scented oils such as lavender calms and relaxes while wild orange is known to melt away anxiousness and energize you. Bergamot is an earthy scent that helps increase self confidence, and all three are helpful in my opinion.

So the next time you get anxious before say, a first date, instead of suffocating your crush with that sickly sweet perfume, dab on a few drops of lavender and you’ll both be more chill. Or the next time you have a big exam, use the wild orange to give yourself a confidence boost, the people beside you may even benefit!

(Where to Dab) Directly below the base of the skull on both sides of the neck , there is an indentation that can be felt with the fingers, when applied here pure essential oils are able to enter the circulatory system of the brain immediately. 


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