Listen up beautifuls (that’s all of you). Can we please indulge in some of this summers newest beauty favs from across the continent? Recently while falling down the rabbit hole of Youtube I came across the glamourous world of monthly makeup subscription boxes. Oh boy. Only the best idea ever, and I say this because it caters beautifully to all wearers of makeup. The kind of person who gets anxiety in stores like Sephora, those who barely keep on top of buying the basics (me) and beauty gurus alike.

I spent TENS of minutes watching and comparing countless unboxing videos (TENS!) to finally find the creme de la creme of makeup subscriptions. I’m all about Ipsy. Why? Mostly because I live in Canada and it is by far the most affordable and worthwhile makeup subscription you can get here. Now if you’re reading from the U.S you are luckier because these $10 per month makeup subscriptions are actually $10 and most of the time free shipping. Unlike Canada where the $10 per month actually comes out to $19.45, but worth every cent I’m learning. Ipsy definitely has a one-up when it comes to customization of your glam bag, they ask you all kinds of questions about the brands you like and what you want to try but the fun part is you never know what you’re going to get until it comes. You know the kind of kid who can’t help but peek at the christmas presents not-so-discreetly hidden in their parents closet? That was me, and makeup subscriptions are no different, which is why Ipsy is so fun because although you can peek at the products they are giving away that month online, every subscriber gets something different, unlike most makeup subscriptions. My first glam bag was a hot summer night and a half, let’s indulge..

too faced primer

Starting with my unlikely favorite, Too Faced Hangover Rx Replenishing Face Primer. This teeny tiny 5ml bottle has been my new bestie.  First of all the coconut water makes it smell simply amazing, it’s lightweight and spreads so evenly. It also makes my face feel like it just took a shot of green juice. I wear this under my BB Cream for an extra boost. Will be buying again. (Full size $40)

mellow in plumb

Next is Mellow Baked Eyeshadow in Plumb. Vibrantly toned, shimmeringly metallic and baby soft pretty much sums up this beautiful shade. This was a brand I hadn’t heard about before I tried it and you know, I’m not mad at it. In fact I’ve been wearing it a lot over top of a matte maroon/brown colour in the crease to add a sexy pop. ($8 USD)

ofra lip liner maya

Ofra Lip liner in Maya. Classic deep red, very me and also very beautiful. In fact I loved this so much when I first tested it out I went overboard and ended up looking like Miranda Sings. Don’t worry I didn’t leave the house. ($13 USD)

luxy beauty angled brush

Luxie Beauty Small Angle Brush #215. This I was not excited about, little did I know I was about to abandon my old small angled brush leaving it to collect dust and upgrade to this adorable thing. However they designed this, it feels like I have training wheels on my brush so applying gels and powders is less traumatic. Plus this is cruelty free and that is just amazing. ($13.18 USD)

delectale cream

Delectable Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream by Cake Beauty. The Lemon and Cream scent, or should I say super rich lemon cake with icing sugar scent, completely makes up for the fact that I wanted makeup not hand cream! Also the fact that this is a natural beauty made with shea butter, coconut oil and aloe vera is another plus. I use this a lot, as a body lotion, it’s delicious.  (Full size $12 USD)

As you can see by the prices I got a lot more than I paid for which is the point. The beautiful point. It looks like I got with Ipsy at the right time too because their bags just keep getting better. I’m so excited for the August bag which filled with brands like Tarte (another beauty guru fav) and Rodial. Ipsy is kind of like having your own personal Christmas once a month, for makeup lovers. Come slay with us.

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