Ew Gross. September. I know. Shut up, right? Wasn’t it just July 1st? Yes, well I’m going there. I said the S word. To you it could mean School or just Schedule, either way there are some pros to September weather when it comes to fashion. It’s great for layering and mixing the best of your summer wardrobe with new pieces that can take you into fall. Don’t get me wrong this heat isn’t going anywhere fast, so that’s something to hold on to the next time you pop into your fav store and notice half of it is CLEARLY ‘back to school’. Here are some trends to inspire you when you finally do that ‘Back to September Shopping’…

September 2016 Starter Pack


Off the Shoulder Crop Top


High Waisted Button Up Skirt in Denim or Corduroy 


Purse Backpack (of any kind – hopefully faux leather)


Long Line Vest


Cold Shoulder Top


Ankle Boots with Staple Black Jeans avec knee slit.


Distressed Denim Jeans


Printed Bomber Jacket


Reflective Sunglasses


Liquid Lipstick

 What do you think about the September Starter Pack? Thoughts, Comments and Questions welcomed. If you have a different September Starter Pack, tell me what yours looks like!

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