What’s a B.A.B.E? It’s a Beauty Artist, Blogger, and/or Entrepreneur. After the experience I had at this event hosted by Bili Balogun of MUA Central, I’d say it stands more for Boss Af Blossoming & Empowered ladies. The hosts and guests really made this party what it was, the bonus was that it was also beautifully set up and packed full of fabulous surprises.


Held at Elle Fitness & Social and decorated beautifully, the event started off with some bubbly and a chance to walk around and check out the amazing desserts (both vegan and non-vegan which is AMAZING!) and get acquainted with makeup brands like Pink Princess Cosmetics and Vasanti. There was also a selfie station set up with some professional lighting and a photographer to capture the moments. The girls all looked beautiful, all with their own sassy sense of style. One word. Slay.


The first surprise came when we were introduced to Gargi Patel, Owner of Vasanti Cosmetics. The girls gathered around to hear her incredibly inspiring speech about self-belief, determination and empowerment. When we think about brands, we often think of them as emotionless and money hungry corporations that lack passion and a human connection. Not today. I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to see how much passion and care Vasanti has for their customers.

The second surprise was an equally inspiring talk by Bili herself called “The Business of Beauty” where we learned about the upcoming services that will be provided by MUA Central. Very innovative, the idea reminds me of a hybrid of ModelMayhem and Uber. Basically you can get your very own glam squad for any occasion with the click of a few buttons! A short fashion film concluded the talk and it was onto GIVEAWAYS!!! The prizes were amazing. Everything from manicures, makeup and jewelry to a designer dress! The icing on the cake was at the very end when we were presented with the HEFTIEST gift bags known to girl. As soon as I got home I laid it all out in awe of  the amazing mountain of swag (see the photo I took in excitement below). I’ve already received about a billion compliments on the Vasanti Matte Crush lip crayon, and kudos to the product for staying on my lips through lunch, coffee and kisses from my loved one. A lot of these products will be featured in my upcoming September Favorites Youtube video as well. That’s how bomb they are.


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    1. Hi Bili!! I was meaning to send you a link to this and it totally got away from me! I’m so happy you liked the article! Thank you so much for hosting such a beautiful, inspiring and entertaining event. I can’t wait until you host your next one!!! XOXO

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