For the month of September I took the plunge and ended up getting a second Ipsy bag last minute! Weren’t you always curious what it would be like if you received two Ipsy glam bags? I mean, would you get repeats? Is it worth it? I had to find out! If you haven’t heard about the $10/month makeup subscription that is Ipsy and you’re still spending tons and tons of money on new makeup then I’m here to wake you up sister! My entire makeup routine, essentials, brand knowledge, go-to look and overall confidence with makeup has improved tenfold since signing up with Ipsy. No joke. Now let’s get to this month’s amazing products that will put you on the Slay-List.


Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme

My personal Favorite from Ipsy this month. I wanted this so badly and it surpassed my expectations. You know how they say pain is beauty? Well if you can’t take a little pain this may not be for you, the intense tingling sensation feels hot almost instantly and the feeling lasts for a few minutes. I for one, want my lip plumper to tingle and burn because I know it’s really working! Lips plump up within moments to give you a nice pout.


Trestique mini highlight stick

I have to say, there was some hype about this product not being suitable for “darker skin tones” and I have to disagree there. Someone went as far as to comment on my Youtube unboxing that it probably wouldn’t work for me either. This is not the case for me, it works beautifully with my skin tone. I don’t see what people are talking about at all, everybody has their own experience but I wouldn’t want girls with a medium or beige skin tone like me to shy away from this based off of the hype. For me at least, I love this even more than the NYX highlighter I received in my previous Ipsy bag. This mini highlight stick has awakened a love of highlighter in me!


Tart Tartist Lash Paint

I was very interested in trying out this new mascara from Tarte so it was great to get one in my bag! The mascara itself is great! I love it, and it makes my eyelashes go on for days! The only downsides I have noticed people are having trouble with is the brush to handle ratio. Being that the brush is awkwardly big compared to the handle, and also that the product is only filled half way up as there is a wide open space at the top of the tube. Those who got this mascara know what I’m talking about. Some were worried about bacteria getting into the mascara with the wide opening but there is a smaller opening down lower in the barrel. I do really like this formula and would buy it again full size.


BellaPierre Cosmetics mineral Blush in Autumn Glow

This blush is beautiful, great warm tone for fall. I was very happy to receive this item. I have actually been using this as a bronzer and my Japanesque blush from my previous Ipsy bag to do my cheeks. It’s a beautiful combo and it’s my new go-to. I love how Ipsy products seem to compliment each other so well.


Eva-Nye Forget me Knot Dry Conditioner

We have been using dry shampoo for so many years and only now has someone been clever enough to come out with an amazing dry conditioner, which I can definitely see turning into a staple item. It smells AMAZING! Better than some perfumes! It also does exactly what you would want it to, makes your hair soft and shiny without making it greasy at all. Way to go! I love this.


Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair Deep Conditioning Mask

I’ve been waiting for a hair product from Ipsy and this month I got it. It couldn’t have come at a better time, because after shooting a makeup commercial and having my hair teased 2 or 3 times in one day it left my hair begging for help this month. I’d like to give partial credit to this super nice conditioning mask for helping in getting my hair back to normal, maybe even a bit shinier!


CostalScents BR-B-S02 Makeup Brush

Who doesn’t need new brushes am I right? This brush is as soft as velvet and amazing for helping to achieve the perfect smokey eye. I use it for pretty much everything now, I’m like that when I find something I LOVE!


Be A Bombshell Nail Polish in Va Voom

Va voom is right. I haven’t actually used this yet but I am loving the colour. It’s actually much more beautiful, rich and deep in person than in this photo. Very happy to receive this.


I’ve decided to collect my unopened pass-along items from my Ipsy bags and create my own Ipsy bag of Giveaways! Here is what was added to the bag this month.

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    1. Thank so much! If you do, when you take the quiz for the second bag, tweak it just a bit from your first quiz! That’s what I did and I got zero repeats and everything I love! Thanks for reading xoxo! Would love to have you back!

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