If you’re reading this that means you’re a girl or guy who just might be a little clueless about what to get your other half this Holiday Season. Maybe it’s your first Christmas together and you want everything to be just right, or maybe you’ve been together a while and have run out of cute and romantic gift ideas. Either way this guide is for you. I’ve done all the hard work and pulled together the best stocking stuffers for the basic bitch and bro. In this case it is definitely not a bad thing to go basic. Basic doesn’t mean boring, in fact this is the perfect opportunity to surprise your loved one with things they normally would  put off buying for themselves. Believe me these gifts are anything but boring. Now let’s talk price. If you have saved up lots of money to play with then let this be a guide for putting together your special someones stocking to warm them up to the bigger gifts. If you are more modest in your gift giving or have to stick to a budget, I found it great fun to only exchange stockings – the rule being you both only spend until the stocking is full (now how big the stockings are, is up to you!). Let’s get into the stockings!

Urban Beard Beard Oil $26.00

Urban Beard Shampoo Bar $11.00

Roots Hamilton Toque $20.00

Roots Socks 2 Pairs $18.00

Claires Hersheys Flavored Lip Balms $11.00

Walmart Ace Pocket Combs Set of 2 $5.69

Walmart Zip Around Billfold $10.00

Hudsons Bay Hudson North Pyjama Bottoms $19.99

Walmart Reeses Holiday Chocolates $4.00

Walmart Smarties $6.36

Walmart Terry’s Orange $3.47


Sephora Nudestix #berrynudelips $28.00

Sephora Living Proof Dry Shampoo Ornament $16.00

Sephora Tory Burch Set of 2 Perfumes $24.00

Sephora Face Mask $8.00 and Eye Mask $6.00

Ardene Closed Cable Knit Slippers $9.50

Walmart ecotools Boho Luxe Mini Set $9.97

LUSH Twilight Bath Bomb $6.95

Sephora Smashbox Studio On-The-Go Primers $15.00

Walmart Lindt Chocolates $5.97


What do you guys think of these stocking stuffer ideas? Did I miss anything that you would have added to either stocking? I personally can’t wait to finish making my hubbys stocking. Stockings are my favorite part of gift giving and receiving! So much fun. How ever you decide to celebrate, whether it’s with one or all of these ideas, if it comes from the heart that’s really all that matters. Don’t forget to hang that mistletoe either!

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8 thoughts on “The Ultimate Stocking Guide For Him & For Her!!”

  1. This article is awesome. I will tell my friends about this because this is good and they wil like it. Hi becca! Just want to say that you are absolutely COOL😎.

  2. This is an awesome idea!!! You are so creativeb& I love watching your tutorials & giveaways, however, I cannot figure out how to comment on videos. Do you have any ideas how to do this? I want to enter these giveaways but I just can’t comment!! I’m extremely excited irritated about this! Oh I forgot to mention that I am using my Samsung Galaxy J3. Thanks for being you!!!!
    Bye for now!!!

    1. Hey Heather! have you figured it out yet? I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be able to comment!

  3. I apologize for the time I took away from you as you do your job & you do it well might I add!!! Ok so I do not understand this either, but for some reason when on YouTube I cannot find the comment section. I am not giving up! Keep up the gr8 work!!

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