Your freedom with makeup starts with the INGLOT Freedom System Palettes. Freedom to finally create that perfect palette you’ve always wanted. We spend loads of money buying so many different palettes, all with a few shades that we kind of like. Go ahead and take a look at any eyeshadow palette you have and I guarantee you that there are a few shades you’ve hit pan on, and a few shades that look almost new. You’re not alone! After all, how can a huge makeup brand make a palette that caters to you specifically? It can’t. But you can. This year I’ve upped my makeup game and I’m playing with the INGLOT Freedom System Palettes. These magnetic palettes are totally customizable, stackable and all powders are easily replaceable.

You can go all out and create your dream palette all at once or you can just start with a few of your everyday go-to shades and build your collection up slowly. These shadows are absolutely amazing, as you can see from my personal palette, I have some matte spicy shades, gorgeous shimmery shades and some bright fun colours too. You can really have whatever you want! The Freedom System Palettes also have your back for HD pressed powders. As you can see I have my own custom shades in there. Both the palettes fit perfectly together and can be even more compact without the second lid!

Can we talk for a second about how eco-friendly these palettes are?! No more makeup waste! These are reusable and so sturdy, not to mention beautiful and really innovative. Once you start using these palettes it just makes sense and you’ll never give your freedom away again! INGLOT is also cruelty free and has many vegan products. Do you need another reason to consider the Freedom System Palettes by INGLOT? Here’s 10..


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  1. SO SO glad I found your blog/YT channel! You have such a great presence in front of the camera, and I can’t wait to follow you along on your journey❤️

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