If you follow my Youtube Channel then you already know how INGLOT Obsessed I am. You can imagine my excitement when I got an invite to the new INGLOT Aquastic Launch Party! The party was so fancy and fun! I had such an amazing time meeting other bloggers and youtubers who are just as crazy about makeup as I am. I also got to meet the awesome people who work at the dubdub App dubLoft which is a cool space for creators to work on their craft. Best of all, us girls got to learn about INGLOT’s brand new eyeshadow called Aquastic.

This new eyeshadow is so on trend for 2017. The mix of colourful pastels and metallics in aqua, gold, pearl and beautiful rosey pink shades makes it a must have for your spring and summer looks. Up until now I have been trying to emulate this look using loose glitter or wetting my brush and trying to dampen dry eyeshadow and it just doesn’t do the trick. So for me, the Aquastic couldn’t have come out any sooner. I’m such a huge fan of shimmer and love the metallic look so I would literally buy them all if I could!

 Let’s talk formula for a minute, super soft and easy to apply; these shadows are 100 times more smudge proof than your best liquid lippie, but since they are also water based, it’s super easy to get off when you’re ready to wash your face at night! That being said you don’t have to be scared about it drying too fast either, you still have room for mistakes, unlike other smudgeproof products that dry super fast. Another huge bonus in my eyes is that it has a dual purpose! You can use any of these shadows as a beautiful highlighter as well.

I’ve been having so much fun playing with this shade, trying to come up with a new shimmery look for my next tutorial. This shadow is giving pure mermaid vibes which really inspires me to play with bright colours. If you are a makeup junkie like me, you’ll want to get your hands on at least one of these eyeshadows. I haven’t used anything like this before.  Make sure you subscribe to my Youtube channel to see the vlog I posted on this event and more events in the future!

What’s your fav shade? Do you like the metallic trend? Have you tried INGLOT? Leave a comment down below! 

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