Do you know what’s in your oral products? The human mouth is incredibly porous leaving it extremely vulnerable to harsh chemicals. You wouldn’t think that harsh chemicals would be in oral products but in todays crazy world, unfortunately, there are chemicals in almost everything! Chemicals like Sodium Laurel Sulphate, a chemical in mainstream toothpaste and mouthwash, can cause damage to eyes, skin irritation, breathing problems and it stays in the system accumulating in the liver, lungs and brain.

I got the chance to try an amazing new product called RINSE by Oralogica. It comes in two flavors, cinnamon and mint. The cinnamon is so delicious, and not hot like cinnamon gum. It’s a warm sweet flavor that is super yummy. The mint flavor tastes just like everyones favorite toothpaste flavor (the blue kind). It’s the perfect replacement for your old chemical filled toothpaste. Not only are these new flavors delicious (they were after all developed by both a clinical pharmacist and a master chef) but they are also environmentally friendly, unlike its chemical filled competitors.

Not only does this product freshen your breath but it also cleans and whitens your teeth! I really believe it’s so important to be aware of the chemicals in everyday products and what we are putting in our bodies, especially our mouths! Organic options for healthy living are becoming more available everyday and the amazing people at genuinely care about improving the health and the lives of all of us here on earth. Now that is definitely something I can get behind.


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