After wearing my MVMT watches and sunnies all summer I am now officially obsessed with the MVMT! It’s amazing how a trendy watch and a nice pair of sunglasses pulls together an outfit and makes you feel fashionable (even in your yoga pants). I didn’t use a watch for a long time because “you can just check your phone” but it’s not just about checking the time. It’s a statement piece, another way to express your creativity through fashion. Now I don’t feel complete without it! Like today, I was running late and forgot my MVMT watch at home and found myself checking my wrist out of habit all day!

If you’re new to the MVMT let me break it down for you. In 2013, two guys from L.A with a lot of creativity and a love of fashion wanted to shake up the watch and fashion industry. They didn’t think it was right that luxury was reserved for the insanely rich and therefore broke the mold by making their products affordable for everyone. Most watches like these would cost over $400 and MVMT watches start just under $100. The quality is phenomenal and everything down to the fine details are perfect. The cases the glasses come in are exquisite, hard all around with matte soft material on the outside and velvet soft material on the inside, held closed with a hidden magnet. The watch cases are just as elegant, and of course everything comes with cleaning cloths.

In this post you’ll see the ICON Sunglasses(above), the SPHINX Sunglasses, The Gold and Pearl Watch (above) and the RODEO Watch. If you want to get $15 off of your order you can use the code ITSEVERYTHINGBECCA15 at and you can start your own collection! What do you think of the new MVMT?? I’m obsessed.

Thank you so much to the wonderful people at MVMT for reaching out to me and offering to collab!


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