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Finding something to wear that expresses your style and makes you feel more confident is an issue that many women have had in their lives. It is not only frustrating, but the feeling of having “nothing to wear” can also end up discouraging you from even wanting to go out in the first place. To help set you up for success when it comes to your OOTD, I’ve put together 4 style hacks that every woman should know.

1. Only ever buy with a full outfit in mind

It happens, we have all fallen in love with certain items of clothing and just “had to buy them”. However, whilst this may work once or twice, it is not always a good idea long term. A great approach to style and to shopping is to only ever buy things when you have a full outfit in mind. That way you know that whatever you have bought is going to work with existing clothes that you have and not mean that you need to buy more. I’ve started doing this more lately and I’ve noticed it gives me way less buyers remorse and way less pieces sitting in the closet untouched.

2. Match basic with on-trend

Trends are not always going to suit all of us and there are some that we are more than happy to let pass us by. However, there are also some trends that look amazing and that we want to embrace. The trouble is when you let these trends take over an entire outfit. It is a much better idea to try and match some of those key on-trend items with some more basic items that you may already have in your wardrobe. Personally, I’ve been doing this with the e-girl trend. I take bits of inspiration from the trend for example, a black oversized graphic tee and some chunky running shoes, then add that to basic items that won’t go out of style like black leggings/jeans and a beanie. Hold the cotton candy hair, black cheek hearts, fishnets and bright plastic jewelry or fake chains.

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3. Glam up any outfit with the right jewellery

Now since I was just talking about what kind of jewelry you may want to pass up, it doesn’t mean you should discount altogether how important jewellery can be to the feel of your favourite outfit. Pairing clothes with the right necklace, earrings or bracelets can be a key part of the style process. However, when you are looking for jewellery, the best advice to follow is to invest in some quality pieces, that way you know that not only are they going to look gorgeous but also stand the test of time too. One great way to make sure that you have chosen the right jewellery is to check out online reviews. This Blue Nile Review from Diamond Expert is a great example of how to find out more about how to spot quality.

4. Pair 3 tops to each bottom

Being able to mix and match is a key part of any wardrobe and this means that you need to try and make sure that you have plenty of different combinations that you can work with. Of course, these matches will really depend on the clothes that you have, however, a good rule of thumb to follow is that you should have 3 tops that can be paired to each bottom that you own. That way, you know that you have plenty of choices when you are looking for what to wear. If you’re anything like me, you have 100 different tops and only a few pairs of pants you religiously wear. If those tops don’t go with your handful of favorite bottoms, they’ll just take up space in your closet.

As you can see, expressing your style could be easier to achieve than you realize. Just try out some of these style hacks for yourself and see if it can help you to reinvent your wardrobe and express yourself through fashion!

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